Do You try to find your “Real You”, your own Style?
Would You like to change your Image?
Do You want to impress, look and feel great in your own skin?

“Style-Coach” is exactly what you are looking for!

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My name is Marta.

After an extensive involvement, interest in fashion at the end of year 2012 I have decided to share my whole knowledge, my know how with you.

I am more than happy to assist you as your own “Style-Coach” and help you to choose your right, perfect Style, defind your Color Type and your own characteristics that are so unique for each single person.

“Style-Coach” offers you top quality services by finding and developing your own style and ending up with creating look that will suits your expectations.

My Mission as “Style-Coach” is to built strong relationships with you as customers based on principles of respect and mutual benefit and ensure that your new definded Style will bring back joy in your life.

I am here for your and look forward to advising you!